The Irish Harp

The Irish Harp

Everywhere in Ireland you see the symbol of the harp. It is an ancient symbol of Gaelic culture. But why? The Irish didn’t just play harps. For a thousand years the sound was a part of the atmosphere of their lives.

Lavishly illustrated

Illustrated with lavish drawings from the Book of Kells, along with diagrams of the Celtic harp, this book brings back to life the world of these ancient harps. It tells a forgotten story that every Irish person should know, and indeed anybody with an interest in the history, musical or otherwise, of the Western World.

Cutural and musical history

The Irish Harp is an abridged version of The Trinity College Harp. It offers a good visual snapshot of the world of the Gaelic and Celtic harps, and serves as an introduction to Irish music history, which is more elaborately dealt with in The Trinity College Harp.



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