The Trinity College Harp

The Trinity College Harp

The Story of Ireland and The Most Exotic Music Instrument in the World! Author Brian Manners shines a dazzling light on the extraordinary Trinity College (Brian Boru) Harp and the mysterious place that was mediaeval Ireland.

Cutural and musical history

The amazing story of mediaeval Ireland, as seen through the window of the Irish national icon, The Trinity College Harp, also known as the Brian Boru Harp. This richly illustrated history book has over 90 new drawings from the Book of Kells. It is written for the general reader.

It's an audio book too!

The book comes with its very own specially built app, which you will use to access audio/video files throughout the text - all of which helps to elucidate the story of this intruiging musical instrument.

See the slide show!

Take a closer look at the inside of The Trinity College Harp, and read extracts from some chapters - ranging from "The Curious Case of Gaelic Hospitality" to "The Slow Death of the Gaelic Harp". Check out the English version or the Irish version.


“An extraordinarily beautifully produced book...lavishly astonishing and entertaining read” - Terry Moylan, An Píobaire “Manners’ book uses the Trinity harp as a gateway to the history of Gaelic Ireland in general...subtitled – with less exaggeration than you might at first suspect – “the most exotic music instrument in the world” - Frank McNally, The Irish Times “Reading it cannot fail to leave the reader in anticipation of more.” - Archaeology Ireland, Spring 2018

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